“UNNORM” is a movement, a lifestyle of some sort that some are forced into. You cannot choose to be an “UNNORM”. The word "unnorm" is not a slang word nor a trend to follow. It actually holds a very strong and dynamic meaning. Being an "unnorm" is not negative nor anything to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s very unique

and one should consider it a compliment to be 
an "unnorm." One reason being, you don't fit into society's normal way of thinking. 

Do not be confused by the label "unnorm" as trying to be different. An "unnorm" is just being yourself which might be considered different in the eyes of society. While, trying to be different on the other hand falls in line with a trend and out of line with the things that make you unique, the true you. Being a “UNNORM” can be a gift and a curse, it’s how you choose to look at it.

nor·malˈnôrməl/adjective1.---conforming to a standard;

usual, typical, or expected...